Can the same paddle number be used on two different devices?

Yes.  Two people (a couple) or a family can share the same Paddle ID.  In fact, you may just want to check them in as a single account (e.g. Fred and Wilma Flintstone vs. Fred Flintstone). 

If you decide to check them in as a single account, ask them whose information they want to use on the account (Name, Email, and Phone). 

In most cases, the guests will only want to use a single phone with the app. If they both, however, want to install the app and bid under the same account, you can do that also. 

To set that up, send the registration link to one of them and have the other also download the Handbid app. 

The first person can be logged in with the link sent from Handbid.  

The second person will need to tap on the "Get Started" button on the app's main screen and enter the "FIRST PERSON'S" information.

For example, let's assume that Fred and Wilma Flintstone arrive together and want to bid under the same account.  They also want to use both of their phones. 

An account for Fred Flintstone is setup in the system and a login link is sent to his device (via SMS).  He clicks on the text message and goes through the process to install the app and get logged in.

Meanwhile, Wilma downloads the app to her phone.  She would then tap on "Get Started" and enter in Fred's information (Fred's Name, Email, and Fred's CELL PHONE number!) - Handbid will send Fred's phone a 5 DIGIT PIN CODE.

Once she gets to the next screen, she needs to enter in the 5-DIGIT PIN CODE that was just sent to Fred's Phone.  

Wilma will now be logged in as Fred and can bid in the auction as well.  Both phones will show the same information (Dashboard, Winning, Losing, etc.) 

What is typically the case is that a couple will put the app on one of their phones (usually the one that has a higher battery charge or that is newer) and the other will participate with them or use the iPads.  

We recommend for any couple that you also explain to them that they can bid on the iPads at any time using the PaddleID that Handbid assigns to them. 


  • When in the app, both phones will get the exact same messages.  However, outside of the app, only the primary phone will get any SMS or PUSH messages.  
  • Once either user enters the app they will get updated outbid and auction messages presented to them, so your guests should not miss any important messages. 
  • Guests can always go to their menu, to the alerts tab, and view any of their unread and read messages.





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