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  • How to Close Your Auction in Handbid

    When closing your auction in Handbid, we highly recommend that you close your auction with a timer. When closing your auction with a timer, a broadcast message will be sent to all of your bidders announcing that your auction will be closing soon. Additionally, a countdown clock will appear at the top of the app, a well as iPads, and anyone bidding remotely via the web. This clock really helps drive last-minute bidding, and also provides everyone with a reasonable chance to place their final bids.

    To close your auction, simply click on the STOP button within the auction manager, and select "RECOMMENDED, close auction with timer." After doing this, you will be prompted to enter how many minutes you'd like before your auction closes. Handbid typically recommends 15-20 minutes, but that decision is ultimately up to you. 

    Next, you'll be prompted to enter the number of time (in minutes) you'd like remaining before your auction closes:

    After your auction has closed, be sure to wait until you see the "Auction Results Final" dialogue box appear on the top left of your Auction Manager:


    Now that the auction results are final, any silent auction items with bids on them will be marked as "SOLD" and invoices will be generated. Guests on the app who have won items will be notified and taken to their invoice to make payment. If you required a credit card before bidding, guests will simply view and pay their invoice through the app. If you did not require a credit card but enabled the Handbid credit card processor, bidders will be able to add their credit card info on the app, iPads, or through the back end system to pay for items they won/purchased.

    NOTE: After closing your auction, focus should be shifted to the "Invoices" tab in the auction manager, with emphasis on the "Unpaid Invoices" tab. 

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