How can I prevent outside bidding?

If you decide you would like only individuals present at your event to bid at your silent auction, all you have to do is enable "local bidding". This is beneficial if you don't want your bidders who are present to get outbid by a remote bidder. Your bidders must checkin at the event to bid in the silent auction. Keep in mind you will most likely have to ship items for a remote bidder.

First, to enable local bidding, click the auction settings gear wheel next to your auction name.Then you will select the bidder tab in the auction settings.(Step 1.)

Then check the local only box.(Step 2) 

Reminder: its important you get all of your bidders registered and checked in at the event. If you have bidders at the event who didn't get checked in with Handbid they will not be able to bid at the silent auction.




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