Can a winning bidder's name appear instead of the PIN code?

Right now when I look at items in the app, it shows that they are being won by Bidder 8888. This appears to be their PIN code.

Is there any way to make this be their name?



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    In short -yes.

    By default, Handbid will show the bidder's paddle number when identifying bids and the winning bidder of an item. An auction manager  or bidder can change this to be their name instead by changing their "alias" on the bidder record.

    For example, let's say that John Smith has pin code 8888. John is winning the Hawaii Vacation item for $250. Handbid would show that the winning bidder of the item is 8888 to anyone looking at the item on their phone or iPad or web. If the auction manager wanted this to show as johnsmith instead, they could change the bidder's alias from 8888 to "johnsmith".

    How do you change the Alias? Follow these instructions:
    a. Login to the Auction manager
    b. Select the "Bidders" tab on the left.
    c. Find John Smith in the list of bidders
    d. Click on the record to open up their detail on the right
    e. On the right-hand pane, click on the "Edit" tab.

    f. Find the "Alias" field. IN there you should see the bidder's PIN code populated.
    g. Change the value of this field to the name you want them to use. (e.g. "JohnSmith")

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