Accepting Chip Credit Cards

Hello, does your payment processor support "chip" credit card payments? If not, do you have a timeline or roadmap for supporting them?



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  • Good question.  We looked into the Chip card processing and readers and determined that it is not practical for how Handbid stores and charges cards. Handbid operates very much like an Internet-based payment system where cards are tokenized when swiped or entered, these cards are then stored online (with our payment processor) and then charged at a later time when a user wants to pay their invoice. 

    Storing a card on file with an Internet retailer would be a similar example to this.  

    Chip card readers are designed to handle "live" transactions. In other words, when you connect your card to the reader, the chip is read and the card transaction is processed at that time.  If Handbid were to support Chip Card readers, we would need to process all transactions live which means that all transactions would require the card to be present.  

    We do have some chip-card readers (which are not cheap) and will explore that, but at this time don't see it as a practical solution for our customers.

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