Why can't I put a dropbox or google drive image link in my upload spreadsheet?

Google Drive and Dropbox (and iCloud and Box and many others) are cloud-based file sharing systems.  The way they work is that they store a file on a central server (in the cloud) and then control access to it, to the people with whom you share it.   When you share this, you have a URL (web link) that others can click on to view the file (or image). 

However, this link does not work for computers to use.  While a web browser can open up the link and load a page with the file (or image on it), our image system has no ability to access the file on the other end of that link.   

The links that are generated from the cloud systems are not directly accessible.  In order for anyone to view them, they must view them in a browser that can read the link and generate the web page showing the image.  This will not work for an automated system that simply needs a direct link to the image file. 

You have a few options if you want to automatically upload these and not attach them individually to your item.

OPTION 1 - Handbid's Seamless Setup Service

We offer a seamless setup service where our team will do this for you.  We can resize your images to a 4:3 aspect ratio (needed for best viewing in the app) and upload them to your item. 

To utilize this service, you will need to share with us your image files and the name of the image MUST match the item code on the image. For example, if your item code is 100, then you must label the image 100.jpg.  We will only upload 1 image per item.  If you have additional images, you will need to upload those manually after the upload.  Only JPG and PNG files are accepted. 

To take advantage of this service, please contact your Handbid sales rep. 

OPTION 2 - Find a hosting service that allows you to have direct URLs to images.  You may find a web hosting service somewhere that will allow you to upload the files to it and have those files accessible via a direct URL.  If you are able to do that you can then include those in the spreadsheet. 


Otherwise, if you want to store your images in Dropbox or Google Drive, you can do that and then link that service into our UploadCare widget to directly access those files when adding images in the auction manager. 





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