How do I get my guests to pre-register?

  • There are a couple of ways you can get your bidders to register for your event prior to the night of your auction. Having your bidders register themselves is very important as you should not register your guests unless they are standing in front of you at check-in. This will ensure you have the correct information and they are aware of the login link that will be text messaged to them.

You can also encourage and/or incentify your guests to get registered prior to the event by offering a chance to win a “gift” or small prize.  When they arrive, you can have a volunteer at the door checking to see if the app is on their mobile device - and give them a raffle ticket. This can be for something as simple as a $25 Starbucks gift card.  You know your guests better than anyone, pick something special so your guests will be excited to get the app downloaded and register early! At some point in the evening you can then draw the ticket and announce the winner.


  • Do not pre-register your guests on their behalf!

You may not have the correct email and phone number they would want to use to register and the first introduction to Handbid would be a text message link that they were not expecting. We have seen this also result in duplicate accounts. You pre-register one email associated with a user and they register with a different email. Now the paddle number you handed them does not match the bidder account on their mobile device.


  • We recommend sending out emails to get guests to register ahead of time. You can use our invite list to send an email or text message to your guests, which will take them to a registration page. These emails will come from Handbid. If you want to send a mass email to your guests from the organization you can look at our sample email. You can also share your auction URL on social media or via e-blasts.


Here is how you can send an email or text message using Handbid to get your guests to register. These links include sending emails inside and outside of Handbid.

Sample Email (Download the app) - this is an email template you can use to send to your guests from the organization's email. (outside of Handbid invite list)




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