Duplicate Bidders (with 2 different email addresses)

Double registration occurs when an auction manager registers a guest with one email, but the guest registers themselves with another.  In many cases, the auction manager has a work email and the user signs up using a personal email address.

In these situations, Handbid has no good way to know that John Smith (john.smith@acmecorp.com) and John Smith (jsmith98928@gmail.com) are the same person.  Nor would you want Handbid to guess!

So what you end up with, is two John Smiths registered, with two different Paddle Numbers.  However, your check-in team will look them up and not know which one to check into the auction. (hint: you always want to check-in the account that the user created on their phone for simplicity).  

Instead of pre-registering guests and pre-assigning paddle numbers, our recommended approach is slightly different: allow your guests to pre-register themselves.




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