Is there a way to direct a user to a specific category on the Web with a direct Link?

What we want to do is send out a URL that takes a user directly to a specific category of items in our auction. 

For example:

We want to send out a blast email to people and have a direct link for Items=All Items&Category=‘Program%20Advertising’

Instead of saying

“Go to .

then click All Items

then click Program Advertising



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    Yes there is a way to do this but it is not documented and takes a bit of technical know-how to pull it off.  

    You can direct people directly to a category by appending the category's ID to the end of the URL.  For example, in your case, you would want to direct them to:

    which will take them to they category you want. 

    How do you find category IDs?  Well you can find those in the manager.  See screenshot below:

    Navigate to the category in your auction manager and note the ID in the URL.  Then append that ID to your Items URL for the web and it will filter by category

    Hope that helps!

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