How to Export Login Links from Your Invite List

If you choose to email an invite through your own email system, this article will show you how to export login links from your invite list so you can use them to invite guests to pre-register or purchase tickets to your event.

If you wanted to use your own mail merge system to invite your guests to pre-register or purchase tickets to your event you can export a login link from the Handbid invite list to send them. If the email address is associated with a Handbid account, the login link will log in the user automatically. However, if the email address has not been linked to Handbid account, it will take them to the registration form and pre-populate their data.

There is a couple of ways that you can add your guests to the invite list. You can add them from the guest list if they are already imported there, or you can directly import them into the invite list. View the links below for more information.

Once you have your invite list ready to export:

  1. Select the export icons.
    NOTE: Both the Detailed Export and the Common Fields export icons will pull the login link. 

  2. Once you have exported your invite list you will now have the list of your invites with the login link. The login link will be listed in the URL field.