Silent Auction

How to Remove Bids from an Item

Sometimes a guest places a bid by accident, this article will teach you how to remove a bid from an item!

Sometimes guests make an accidental bid or realize they placed a bid on the wrong item, in any case, you will be able to remove bids from items. This article will overview the parameters for removing bids from an item. 

Removing bids from the top down will notify the next highest bidder that they are now winning the item. If you remove bids from the bottom until you reach the top, this will make sure that none of your bidders are notified when removing the bids from the item. 

If you need to remove all bids from an item in your auction:

  1. In the Auction Dashboard, go to ITEMS > ALL. Then search the item you need to remove bids from.
  2. Click on the item name to open up the item settings window
  3. Click on the BIDS tab and begin
    Item bid history
    remove bid lightbox
    bid history with removed bid


  4. To remove the bid, select the trash can icon on the right-hand side. Start at the bottom removing bids to the top so the last bid you remove is the green "Winning Bid".
  5. Once you have removed all the bids on the item it is very important that you do not select the green "Update" button because it will mark the item sold. After you remove all the bids, you can either keep the item open, remove the item or hide it from your auction depending on how you want to handle the item.