How to remove the bids from an item.

If you need to remove all the bids from an item in your auction:

You will want to make sure you start at the bottom bids list. This will make sure that none of your bidders are notified when removing the bids from the item. Removing bids from the top of the list down will reassign the winner which will notify your bidder.

Once the item does not have any bids on it you can remove it or hide it from your auction.

Go to "Items" then "All". This will display the list of all your items in your auction you can the search and select the specific item that you want to remove the bid from.

Then select the item that you want to remove the bids on.

After you select the item you will want to select the "Bids" tab which is to the far right.

Once you see all the bids listed for the item you can remove them by selecting the trashcan on the righthand side. Start at the bottom removing bids to the top so the last bid you remove is the green "Winning Bid".

Once you have removed all the bids on the item it is very important that you do not select the green "Update" button. If the item is marked sold we will be changing it to open and removing it from an invoice and selecting update will leave it in sold status.