How the Invite List Integrates with your Guest List

Using the invite list can really compliment your guest list. If you are using Handbid ticketing you can send out an invite to have your invitees register and purchase tickets. To understand better how tickets affect your guest list you can review this article. How tickets create guest list slots

Whenever a guest registers as a bidder their paddle number will display green on the guest list. If you have imported a guest list with all of the data you have on your guests.(e.g. ticketing was done through a third party and you are importing your guest list) You can then import the same data to the invite list. When you create the email invitation it will include a get started button which will act as a login link if the email has been registered before. If the email has never been registered for Handbid it will take them to the registration screen. Essentially what that means is that invitees who click on that link will automatically be registered or setup to easily register as a bidder in your auction. If that same email is on your guest list the paddle will populate green and the guest will be registered as a bidder. Using the invite list to encourage and streamline preregistration will help ensure you have all the correct data and you guest can simply be checked in upon arrival to your event.

Along with having your guest registered by using the invite list, you can instruct them to fill out guest slots to sponsor tickets. You can tell them to add a credit card. The beauty of the invite list is that you complete control over what is sent out and what you want your invitees to do. So make sure to edit your invite message accordingly and send yourself a test message to walk through the process of what you are directing your invitees to do.