Getting Started as a Bidder

How to bid: Downloadable Resources

This article will have various PDF files that you can download to print and display or hand out at your event to help your guests with getting started with the Handbid app. 

Types of resources

Letter Size Event Signage 

This is a letter-size version of the How to Bid instructions poster.  This would be handy to print double-sided and put into an acrylic stand.

Tent Cards

This is a single 8.5x11 paper that you would print double sided and then cut into four sections.  These can then be used as a card to hand out to bidders and guests. 

Poster Size

This is an 11x17 poster that you can print and put up at the event that gives instructions on how to Bid on Handbid. There are 2 sides to this Poster - you can print this double-sided or just print either side and put it up if you are hanging this on a wall.

Hand out

This is a standard 8.5 x11 size sheet which you can cut into quarters to handout to your guests. 


Downloadable PDF's:

Getting Started (11x17)

Getting Started (Tent Card) 

Getting Started (8.5 x 11)

3-step Bidder instructions

Double-sided bidder instructions

All Bidder Instructions