Guest List

How to Bulk Edit Guests



Bulk editing guests will allow you to assign a table, set status, and set a sponsor for multiple guests at once.

You will first need to create a view that contains the guests you wish to edit. This is done by setting the filters at the top (1, 2, 3 below) or typing into the search box.  Once a list of guests is returned based on your filters or search, you will then select those guests (or all guests if you click on the checkbox shown in option 4 below).

guest list page

1. This field is going to filter guests by the sponsor.

2. This field is going to filter guests by their placement (table) assignment.

3. This field is going to filter by whether the guests are checked in.  Options include all guests, checked-in, or not-checked-in.

4. Selecting this checkbox will select all of the guests on the list.

5. When you are ready to edit, you will click this button (the bulk edit button). From here, you can edit the sponsor, status, or table number for the list of guests selected.

bulk edit guests