How to bulk edit items

In Handbid, you have to ability to edit multiple items at one time. Select the checkbox next to the item.  Selecting the "Edit Items" button will allow you to edit the category, whether the item is hidden, showing the value, etc. 

Under items, you can filter the items by all items, the item type, or an individual category. Once you are done viewing your items, select the checkbox next to the items name that you want to edit. You will then select the square with a pencil which is the "Edit Items" button. View below.

You will then select the checkbox that correlates with what you are trying to edit or update with your selected items. "Assign to Category", "Set Item Status", and "Lowering Starting Bid" all have an additional drop-down menu.

Editing the category: Select the items you want to edit. Select the checkbox next to category then select the category from the drop-down menu. Then select the "Edit" button to update the category for the selected items.

Editing the status: Select the items you want to edit. Select the checkbox next to "Set Item Status". Then select the status that you want to update the item to. (e.g. Open or Pending) Select the "Edit" button to update the status.

Editing the starting bid of an item: Select the items you want to edit. Select the checkbox next to "Lower Starting Bid". Then select the percentage that you want to lower your items by. (e.g. 10%, 25%, or 50%) Select the edit button to update the status.
Note: If you select an item that has a bid on it this option will not appear.

For the rest of the options, you will select the checkbox of what you want to edit. There is no additional drop-down menu to select from.

FireSale - Selecting Firesale will update the buy it now price to the starting bid. This is a feature used when re-opening your auction to sell unsold items.

Hide - Selecting Hide will hide items from your guests view in your auction. Note: Items with bids on them cannot be hidden. For more information on hiding an item click here.

UnHide - Selecting UnHide will display your hidden items. It will "UnHide" items that are marked "Is Hidden".

Featured - Selecting Featured will feature all of your items.  For more information on this click here.

UnFeatured - Selecting UnFeatured will uncheck the "Featured" checkbox. The item will no longer be a Featured item.

Show Value - Selecting Show Value will display the Fair Market Value of an auction item.

Hide Value - Selecting Hide Value will uncheck the Show Value checkbox. In other words, it will not display the Fair Market Value.

Delete these items - Selecting delete these items will remove the selected items from your auction. When deleting items from your auction you will need to type "Delete these items" in order to confirm the request.