How to Charge a Bidder for Shipping

This article overviews the best way to charge a bidder for shipping through Handbid.

The best way to manage shipping in Handbid is to create a "For Sale" item that is titled, "Shipping Fee".  Depending on how you want to charge for shipping, this item could be a flat rate (e.g. $20) or it could be a $1 item that you then could apply in multiples to cover an exact shipping cost. 


For example, if you decide that you want to charge a flat shipping rate of $20 for any bidder, you could create a shipping fee with a price of $20. 

  • If you don't want bidders to see or buy this item do not assign it to a category and it will not be visible to bidders in the apps or on the web. 


However, if you want to change the price of shipping based on the invoice and the bidder (and the destination), then create a For Sale item that is $1 (sorry, no decimals).  Then you can charge for shipping in any quantity (multiples of $1). 

To add shipping fees to an invoice, click on the Shopping Cart icon on the bidder's invoice and add in the shipping fee. Confirm the quantity and price and then Handbid will add it as a charge on their invoice.