How to View, Pay and Send Invoices & Receipts

This article is your one-stop shop for how to view, pay and invoices and receipts via website, App and iPad, including an example invoice and how to send a guest their invoice.

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  1. Video: Close Auction & Pay Invoices Demo
  2. How to View & Pay an Invoice
    1. Pay Invoice through Auction Manager
    2. Pay Invoice through Phone (App)
    3. Pay an Invoice Offline (external payment)
    4. Pay Invoice through iPad
  3. Sending an Invoice: Email, Text or Print Invoice/Receipt
  4. Sample Invoice

    Video: Close Auction & Pay Invoices

    How to View & Pay an Invoice

    Handbid uses the terms "invoices" & "receipts" interchangeably. Prior to an account being paid, it is an invoice and after payment is made it is a receipt.  

    Invoice/Receipts are automatically generated as purchases are made by your bidders.  A purchase is any "For Sale item" or "Direct Donation" or "Buy-it-Now" purchase made during an auction or any winning items after the auction closes. 

    If your bidders have only made donations or purchased items, they can view their invoice and pay it at any time.  When the auction closes, any items that a bidder wins will be marked as sold and converted to a purchase. These will then be added to the same invoice. To see invoices anytime, select the Invoice/Receipts tab on the left navigation in the auction manager.

    NOTE: If you used the integrated Handbid credit card system, you have 30 days from the day your auction closes to collect funds.

    You can record offline transactions collected by your Credit Card System, Cash, Check, etc longer than 30 days. 

    Pay Invoice/Receipt in Auction Manager

    1. Select the Invoice/Receipts tab on the left navigation of the Auction Manager
    2. Select an individual Invoice/Receipt from the list (detailed information will be displayed on the right side of the screen)


    3. Click Pay Now button. 
    4. If you are using the Handbid card on file, use the Cards on File section on the left, otherwise you can record if someone paid by cash or check or your own 3rd party credit card vendor on the right.
    5. Click on the Process button on the lower right to make payment.

    6. Your invoice will now be displayed as PAID IN FULL in the auction manager and on your mobile receipt. 
    7. A receipt will automatically be sent to the email address on the account.



    Pay Invoice/Receipt on Phone (App)

    The Bidder can either ADD A CREDIT CARD or if they have a card on file they can choose to MAKE A PAYMENT button at the bottom of their Invoice/Receipt.  They can select this button to authorize Handbid to charge their credit card on file.


    If you add an item to a bidders invoice/receipt (live auction item, paddle raise, etc.) after the auction has closed, the bidder will receive an updated invoice directly through the app.  They can pay additional charges by selecting the MAKE A PAYMENT button again. 

    How to Pay an Invoice Offline

    Sometimes you may have a few invoices that were paid outside of Handbid.  Perhaps the bidder wrote you a check or paid in advance.  In those cases where you want to zero out the invoice and mark it paid, you can do that by applying an OFFLINE payment method. 

    Here are the steps:

    1.    Find the UnPaid Invoice

    Go to the auction, fundraiser or event in question and look for the unpaid invoice.  The best way to do this is to navigate to the Invoices / Receipts and click on the NOT PAID filter. 



    2.    Click on PAY NOW

    Once the invoice loads, then click on the PAY NOW button to apply a payment.  



    3.    Apply an external payment



    Once the payment window appears, select the type of External Payment you wish to apply.  If your user paid with multiple methods, then you can spread the balance across those methods here. If your user paid with multiple checks, you will want to go through this process for each check.

    • External Card
      If you processed the user's payment using a different credit card system than Handbid, then apply that amount here.  If you expect Handbid to charge the user's card DO NOT apply a payment here. Instead, you would apply it on the left hand side under "Cards on File".   Any charges listed here will not be charged to a user's card on file. 
    • Amount by Cash
      If the user paid by cash, you can enter in that amount here.
    • Check Payment
      If the user paid by check, enter the amount of the check here and in the next box, indicate the check number (your accountants usually appreciate that). You will need to apply each check payment separately if a user paid with multiple checks.  Each time, Handbid will deduct the check from the balance.  So in those cases, enter in a check, then click process.  The balance will reduce and then you can enter in the next check. 
    • Apply a Credited Amount or Apply a Discounted Amount
      Credits and discounts can be used by you to reduce the cost of an item or a balance due.  What you consider a credit vs. a discount is entirely up to you.  Some organizations give out bidding credits based on tickets sold and users are allowed to apply those credits at checkout.  Also, some organizations will discount an item (perhaps it was damaged) and apply those discounts here. 
    • Once you are done applying payments, your user's invoice balance will be reduced by the amount paid.  If the amount paid is equal to the balance due, your user's invoice will be marked "PAID IN FULL".


    How to View/Pay an Invoice on an iPad

    The Handbid iPad app supports the ability to add a bidder credit card.  

    Follow these instructions to add a bidder credit card using the iPad application: 

    • Select the My Bids icon from the top right corner


    • Enter the bidder paddle number and select submit


    • Click the view invoices button at the bottom of the screen 


    • Select the Invoice and ADD CREDIT CARD or MAKE A PAYMENT



    Sending an Invoice: Email, Text or Print Invoice/Receipt

    As the auction manager, you have the ability to email or text an invoice/receipt link to a bidder or if necessary to print an invoice/receipt. Your winning bidders will also be taken to the invoice screen at the end of an auction.

    To work with invoices in the left-hand navigation click on 'INVOICES/RECEIPTS'

    You can search here for a name or bid number. Filter the receipts by all, paid, or not paid. You also have some information here showing the item count, totals, and if the bidder has a card on file. 

    Print Multiple Invoice/Receipts

    1. Make sure your auction shows the CLOSED status in the upper right hand corner
    2. Select all receipts, paid receipts, or not paid receipts
    3. Select the Print Receipts icon
    4. Your Invoice/Receipts will be displayed in the browser and can be send to a print or pdf file using your computers print function. 



    Email, Text or Print Individual Invoice/Receipt

    1. By default an email receipt will be sent when it is paid
    2. You may also elect an individual Invoice/Receipt to be texted or emailed to a bidder or printed
    3. Select the email receipt, text receipt, or print receipt icons from the top of the invoice detail screen


     Send a bidder their invoice or receipt.

    Important Information

    By default an invoice is emailed to the bidder once the invoice is PAID IN FULL. You can choose to not send an email if you uncheck the checkbox at the bottom of the payment screen. Use the directions below to resend an invoice via email, send an invoice link via text or sent the invoice to a different email address.


    You can send a bidder their invoice or receipt from the Auction manager by clicking on the Email or Text button on the receipt. Here are the steps:

    • Open the Auction Manager for your Auction
    • Click on Invoices/Receipts from the Left-Hand menu
    • Find the bidder's receipt
    • Click on it to open it. 
    • From there, you can send an email by clicking on the email icon in the top right
    • Confirm the email and then hit send.
    • You can send a text by clicking on the phone icon.  



    SAMPLE: Invoice

    By default, invoices are emailed to the bidder once an invoice is PAID IN FULL.  Below is a sample of what the bidder invoice looks like: 

    Please make sure you add text to the "Notes for Receipt" in your Auction settings