Getting Started as a Bidder

How to Create a Handbid Account

This article will assist guests and bidders with creating a Handbid account.

Guests and bidders can create a Handbid account from either the Handbid website or from the mobile app on their smartphone. There are a couple of things to note when creating an account:

  1. Users must download the app before the login link will work. 
  2. Your auction must be in PRESALE,  PREVIEW, or OPEN status before having bidders sign up. 

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  1. Create an Account through Handbid Website
  2. Create an Account through Handbid App

Two Ways to Create a Handbid Account

1.    On the Handbid Website

  • Go to the Handbid Events website:
  • Click the log in in the menu on the top right.
  • Select the REGISTER NOW at the bottom of the login screen.  You will be prompted to enter the following information: first and last name, shipping address, email address, passphrase, and your cell number.  A passphrase is used in place of a password.  There are no special characters required and they are typically more secure.  Use something like "I Luv rock and roll". We find these easier for users to remember.
  • You will be asked to agree to terms and conditions.
  • Once complete you will have a Handbid account. 
  • From here, go to the main search bar on the events site and search for the event you intend to bid in. 
  • From the dropdown, select the event of choice to view that event's home page.  Once on the event homepage, you will be prompted bid from your smartphone or continue from the web.
  • If you wish to bid from your smartphone, you will receive a text message with your Handbid PIN code and a link to login to the app. (NOTE:  You must download the Handbid app before this link will work)
  • If you wish to bid from the web, you will need to choose REGISTER or BUY TICKETS in order to participate in the event. 

2.    On the Mobile App

  • Download the Handbid app from the App Store or Google Play Store
  • Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email, and Cell Phone Number.  Click NEXT.  (Note: The cell phone numbered entered above must be allowed to receive text messages)
  • You will receive a text message to the cell phone number entered on the first screen.  This text will contain a 5 digit pin code. 
  • Enter the five-digit pin code and Handbid will log you into the app.  
  • Select your auction from the list and TAP REGISTER (vs. Browse) to register for an auction and get a Paddle ID assigned.