Getting Started as a Bidder

How to Donate an Item To an Auction

Learn how to allow your bidders to donate & add items to your auction from their Handbid app

First, you must have 'Allow bidders to donate items' enabled.

This setting is found in Auction Settings > BIDDERS tab.

bidders tab

The donor of the item must register as a bidder for the event in order to donate an item. On the event site, the box below will populate on the OVERVIEW landing page, below the Event Details.

donate an item
Click DONATE ITEM to complete the donation form. All fields are required!

PART 1: Donor Information. Here, you can provide who is donating the item, a business name (if applicable), a first and last name, and contact information.

item donor info 1
PART 2: Item Details. List the item name, item description, pictures, terms and restrictions (if applicable), and the FMV (fair market value). The more information in this field you can provide the more likely the auction manager will accept this item into their auction. 

item donor info 2
PART 3: Delivery Instructions. This is where you will let the auction manager know how they will receive the item. 

item donor info 3

Once complete, click SUBMIT to send the item donation details to the auction manager.