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How to Hide an Item

This article will teach you how to hide items from your site.

Below are instructions on how to hide an auction item or a for sale item.  This functionality might be used if you have entered an auction item into the system but you do not want people to bid on the item yet or you might not have all of the details entered for this item. When an item is hidden, it will not be visible in the Handbid app or on the website. Click on the "Is Hidden" box to hide the item.

A few things to note about hiding items:

  1. If you've gone live with your auction and an item has bids on it, you will not be able to hide the item.
  2. To hide an item with bids on it you will have to:
    1. Remove it from a category (items that aren't in categories will not appear on the site)
    2. Remove all the bids from an item, then use the IsHidden checkbox to hide (not recommended). If you choose to remove bids, be sure to remove bids starting at the bottom. 

How to Hide an Item

  1. You can also use the bulk editing tool to hide an item or multiple items at a time. The bulk edit tool is the paper-pencil icon at the top of the ITEMS page in the Auction dashboard.
                           Info Tab (Auction, P2P, Campaign)

  2. Click on the "Is Hidden" box to hide an item.

       NOTE:  You must unhide the item before you can place a bid on that item!