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How to hide purchases from the bidder dashboard

Only show purchases for items/donations placed on the day of an event

What is the bidder dashboard and why might an auction manager want to hide purchases from it? The bidder dashboard is the first screen on the app you would see as a bidder. It shows your total spent(or would be spending if you win an item), totals of items you are winning, totals of items you are losing,  and purchases. Purchases are referring to items that don't get bid on like for-sale items, buy it now on items, donations, and tickets. Now, why would an auction manager want to hide the purchase total from the user dashboard? The main reason for this would be that the auction manager doesn't want to display the amount of money a user has donated or purchased prior to an event. 

How to enable "Hide From Purchases" 

To prevent item totals to be seen on this dashboard you would do this when creating or editing an item. In the "ITEM INFO" tab of the item settings, you can select "Hide From Purchases" 

Please note: By selecting this box it will not apply to every item. It will only apply to the current item. If one item is marked as "Hide From Purchases" and one item is not the item without this setting will still reflect in the bidder dashboard. 

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