How to import an invite list.

To import an invite list go to people > guests > invitee import.

It is important to use the sample file which you can pull from the invitee import page by clicking on "Sample File". 

Even though you may not use some of the columns it is important not to delete the columns that you are not using. You will match the headers upon importing and if some are missing it will NOT import. The file is in a CSV format, it is important that you keep the file in that format. If the file is in a CSV format with all of the original columns you will not have any issues.

This is what the sample file looks like.

The required fields are the first name and the last name. You will want to enter an email address or phone number so you can send an email invite or text message invite.

When the file is ready for import select the blue "choose a file" button.

You can then drag and drop or select the local file from your device.


After you match the headers you can then validate the spreadsheet. 

After validating your spreadsheet it will tell you whether you have any issues or warnings. An example of an issue would be you are missing a required field(e.g. First Name or Last Name). A warning would be having a duplicate email address. Email addresses are the unique identifier for a Handbid account which means you can't use the same email for multiple users.

After you have validated the spreadsheet you can import your invitees.


You will see a progress bar display when importing your items. Make sure you keep the browser open until the import is complete.