How to Import an Invite List

Learn how to bulk upload your invitee's to Handbid to send them an invitation to register or purchase a ticket for your event!

To import an invite list go to People > Guests > Invitee Import.

It is important to use the sample file which you can pull from the invitee import page by clicking on "Sample File". 


Even though you may not use some of the columns, please do not delete any columns, Handbid matches the headers (columns) upon importing, and if some are missing it will NOT import and you'll receive an error.  The upload file is in a CSV format, so it's important that you keep the file in that format. If the file is in a CSV format with all of the original columns you will not have any issues.


This is what the sample file looks like:

The required fields are the first name and the last name. You will want to enter an email address or phone number so you can send an email invite or text message invite.

Import the Invitee List

After you've completed the import file, and are ready to import it to Handbid, go to:

  1. In the left-hand menu of the Auction Dashboard, click on PEOPLE
  2. Then click on Guests and select Invitee Import
  3. Select the blue "Choose a file" button. 
  4. The file upload window will appear and you can either drag and drop the file or click Choose a Local File to search for it from your desktop or saved folder.
  5. Once you upload the file you will be brought to this page. Any fields that are in red are required. We recommend clicking on the blue Auto-Match link under the 'Match Headers' description (it's small, but its there)

  6. After you auto-match the headers, click the blue VALIDATE button.
  7. After validating your spreadsheet it will tell you whether you have any errors that need to be corrected. An example of an error would be if you are missing a required field (e.g. First Name or Last Name), a duplicate email address (email addresses are the unique identifier for a Handbid account which means you can't use the same email for multiple users) or, if an invitee does not have either an email address or cellphone number, they will be skipped and not imported.

  8. Once you have validated the spreadsheet and corrected any errors you may have received, you can import your invitees by clicking the green IMPORT button. You will see a progress bar display when importing your items. Make sure you keep the browser open until the import is complete.