How to link bidder accounts on the guest list


Handbid is always going to link or identify a bidder or guest by their email address. If you are noticing that you have registered bidders that are not matching up in your guest list, you can link the bidder account by updating the email for the guest. By clicking on the guest's name you can update the guest information. Under the email field, you will want to enter the email that the bidder registered with. You can find this information in the bidder list.

Handbid is also going to link bidders by their phone number. If you register a bidder with the same phone number that is associated with another bidder it will identify that user and ask if you want to link that account. When you link that account it is going to use the email address that the phone number was already associated with. This functionality will help you at check-in so you are not registering a bidder twice. 

Here are some ways that will help you ensure you are doing your best job linking your bidders on your guest list. If you are importing a guest list and have a list of bidders who have already registered. Update the email address on the guest list from the ones that are on the bidder list prior to importing. This will auto-populate your guest list with all of the registered bidders upon importing your guest list.

If you are missing email addresses when importing your guest list you can always pull emails from the contact list. The contact list is on the main dashboard and is like a database of all of your users. Anyone who registered as a bidder in your past Handbid events will show up here and they are most likely going to want to register with the same email address they used last year. This will increase the chance of linking the bidder to the guest list when the bidder self-registers and speeding up your check-in as you now have more data on file.