Paddle Numbers

How to Manually Assign Paddle Numbers

This article provides an informational video and instructions for manually assigning paddle numbers to bidder accounts.

How to Manually Assign Paddle Numbers

If you prefer to manually assign paddle numbers, you can do this by changing the auto-assign value in your auction manager settings. This option will also allow you to manually assign paddle numbers to those that are already registered bidders. See this article on how to Swap Paddle Numbers. You can find this setting in the BIDDER tab of your auction settings. This will allow you to start the paddle number assignment at any increment you like, e.g. numbers starting at 300 instead of 100. 

  1. First, select the number where the auto-assign will begin. Remember, Handbid is always going to auto-assign paddle numbers as your bidders register for your auction. The key is to have your paddle numbers auto-assign starting at a number that will not affect the physical numbers that you are assigning and handing out at your check-in.

    By default, Handbid paddle numbers will auto-assign starting at 100. If you are planning on having 400 people at the event and you want to manually assign them paddle numbers as they arrive, set your "auto-assign paddles at or above" value at 1000. This way you have reserved paddle number 100 through 999 to manually assign at check-in. When your bidders arrive at check-in, you will either assign them a new paddle number.

    It is very important to make sure that you enable this feature and set your "auto-assign start" value prior to allowing people to register for your auction. If you don't, you may have to go into your bidder list and reassign some paddle numbers or leave the numbers that were assigned within the range of your physical paddle and give your bidders the number they were automatically assigned. Do not auto assign paddles starting at 100 as you risk the chance of duplicating paddle numbers. 

  2. Once you have enabled "Manually assign paddle numbers" in your auction and changed the auto-assign value to 1000, your bidders will get assigned a paddle number starting at 1000 and you will be able to assign and re-assign any paddle number between 100 and 999 to your bidders at your check-in station.

    Once you have this enabled in your auction you will be able to assign the paddle number of your choice to your bidders either through the guest list or by adding a bidder in Manager.

    If you are planning on using custom paddle numbers at your auction make sure to check out our videos and articles on how to manually assign paddle numbers from the iPad app, iPhone app, the guest list on the auction manager and by adding a bidder on the auction manager. 

For information on how to Swap Paddle Numbers with another Bidder or Guest or to assign a new paddle number to a Bidder - please view this article

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