Credit Card Processing

How to Test Your Credit Card Processor

Test your Stripe Connect or MobileCause credit card portal

It is very important that you run a test transaction through your Handbid account after connecting a merchant gateway. After you connect your Stripe Connect or MobileCause payment gateway, charge one dollar on an invoice to ensure that the gateway is properly set-up and is ready to accept transactions.

First, add a bidder to your auction:

Select the icon with a person and a plus sign to add a bidder to your auction.

Once you have filled out the form with all of the required information (first name, last name, email and phone number), you can select the green register button at the button of the screen. The phone number field is technically optional, however, add the phone number if you have it. You can always select to not send a login link.

You will now see a bidder number and an area to add a credit card. This is a good place for you to add the credit card since we will have to charge the card eventually.

You do not have to select the blue check-in button. Once the card is added you can either select the close button or the "X" in the corner to exit the add bidder screen.

Now you need to create an item for a dollar.

Select the present icon and then select to add a For Sale item to the auction.

This item will need a name and a price. You can call it "Demo" and put a price of $1. Select the green "Create" button at the bottom of the form to create the item.

Make sure the item is in a "Open" status after creating the item. Go to "Items" > "For Sale" and select the Demo item. From here, you can change the status to open and update the item. Once the item is in an Open status you can select the shopping cart icon to add the purchase to your invoice.

Select the bidder, select Demo as the item, and add the item to your invoice.

Under "Invoices" > "All" select the invoice from the list.

Select the blue "Pay Now" button.

Select the credit card on file listed on the left side of the payment screen. Once you click on the field, it will auto-populate the amount due. After the field is populated, click anywhere outside of that field to unhighlight the dollar amount. Once the dollar amount is unhighlighted you can select the process button. 

If the transaction does not go through reach out to us at so we can troubleshoot this issue.

If the transaction does go through you can reach out to us at to refund your test transaction.