How to view Auctions: current ones and those from years past (Reconciled auctions).

To get to your list of auctions, from the dashboard, click on "AUCTIONS" on the left menu.

This will take you to your Auction Dashboard showing all of your current auctions. 

If you do not see an auction that you think should be in the list, confirm that its status is selected with the status selector (check boxes next to SETUP, PRESALE, PAUSED, OPEN, PREVIEW, CLOSED, RECONCILED)

By default, RECONCILED auctions are not displayed.  If you would like view auctions that have been reconciled (older auctions typically are in this state), then click on the RECONCILED checkbox at the top of the page.  This will ADD reconciled auctions to the list of available auctions.

SCREENSHOT (BELOW) shows where you click on the AUCTIONS menu to get to your list of auctions.

SCREENSHOT (BELOW) shows how you can click on "Reconciled" Auctions to view older auctions that are in this status.