Instruction & Video: Enter Live Auction Winners

Video: Entering Live Auction Winner

At any time, you can enter the bid/purchase amount for a live auction winner.  

To enter a live auction winning bid amount, follow these steps (or watch the video below)

  • Click on your Items list in the left panel
  • Click on the "Live Auction" filter. This will show you a list of your live items
  • Click on the item you want to place the bid on
  • Click on the bid icon (Gavel) at the top of the item window 
  • The item information will be populated in the bid window that appears
  • Select the winning bidder
  • Set the bid amount (you can either type in an amount or use the +/-)
  • Click bid to place the bid

Once you place a bid on a live auction item, the item will automatically be SOLD and generate an invoice for the winning bidder.