Instruction & Video: Opening Your Auction for Bidding

Video: Open Your Handbid Auction

When you are ready to allow bidders to start bidding on your auction items, you need to open your auction. Click on the PLAY button on the tool bar and change the status to "Open" by clicking on "Open the Auction"

Once you select the "Open the Auction" link, the auction status will change to open and the auction status indicator on the right should update to "OPEN".  

IF YOU DO NOT SEE THE STATUS INDICATOR CHANGE TO OPEN, then refresh your browser window to confirm that the change took place.

Once your auction is open, any items you have in a pending status will be changed to "open" and bidders can bid on them.  

IF YOU ADD ITEMS TO THE AUCTION AFTER IT IS OPEN, they will need to be manually changed to an "open" status before users can bid on them.


Consider opening your auction before your event to allow for PreBidding.  Learn more about the advantages of pre bidding!