Invite List

Invite List

The Invite List allows you to invite people to your event directly through Handbid Manager. Whether you are inviting bidders from a previous auction, or importing a spreadsheet, you can email or text and invite directly from Handbid.

To navigate to the Invite List from the Auction Dashboard left side menu - go to People > Guests > Invite List 

Invite list

  1. Invite List Overview
  2. Add Invitees to the Invite List
    1. Import Invitees in Bulk from a Spreadsheet
    2. Add Invitees Individually
    3. Invite Multiple Guests from Previous Events
  3. Edit the Invite List 
    1. Filter the Invite List
    2. Bulk Edit Invitees
    3. Edit Individual Invitees
  4. Email and Text Invites
    1. How to Edit and Send an Email Invite
    2. How to Edit and Send a Text Invite 

Invite List Overview 

The Invite List is a working list of people you want to invite to your event through emails and texts sent through Handbid. You can track how many invites are sent and how many clicks and registrations result from the invite. 

You can import a list from a spreadsheet or invite guests that have participated in previous events through your organization. When you create the email invitation it will include a get started button which will act as a login link if the email has been registered before. If the email has never been registered for Handbid it will take them to the registration screen. Essentially what that means is that invitees who click on that link will automatically be registered or set up to easily register as a bidder in your auction. If that same email is on your guest list the paddle will populate green and the guest will be registered as a bidder.

Using the invite list to encourage and streamline preregistration will help ensure you have all the correct data and your guest can simply be checked in upon arrival to your event.

Import Invitees into the Invite List


Import Invitees in Bulk from a Spreadsheet

To import an invite list go to People > Guests > Invitee Import.

It is important to use the sample file which you can pull from the invitee import page by clicking on "Sample File". 

import invitees

Even though you may not use some of the columns, please do not delete any columns, Handbid matches the headers (columns) upon importing, and if some are missing it will NOT import and you'll receive an error.  The upload file is in a CSV format, so it's important that you keep the file in that format. If the file is in a CSV format with all of the original columns you will not have any issues.

This is what the sample file looks like:

The required fields are the first name and the last name. You will want to enter an email address or phone number so you can send an email invite or text message invite.

After you've completed the import file, and are ready to import it to Handbid, go to:

  1. In the left-hand menu of the Auction Dashboard, click on PEOPLE
  2. Then click on Guests and select Invitee Import
  3. Select the blue "Choose a file" button. 
    import invitees
  4. The file upload window will appear and you can either drag and drop the file or click Choose a Local File to search for it from your desktop or saved folder.
  5. Once you upload the file you will be brought to this page. Any fields that are in red are required. We recommend clicking on the blue Auto-Match link under the 'Match Headers' description (it's small, but its there)
    importees match headings

  6. After you auto-match the headers, click the VALIDATE button.
  7. After validating your spreadsheet it will tell you whether you have any errors that need to be corrected. An example of an error would be if you are missing a required field (e.g. First Name or Last Name), a duplicate email address (email addresses are the unique identifier for a Handbid account which means you can't use the same email for multiple users) or, if an invitee does not have either an email address or cellphone number, they will be skipped and not imported.

  8. Once you have validated the spreadsheet and corrected any errors you may have received, you can import your invitees by clicking the green IMPORT button. You will see a progress bar display when importing your items. Make sure you keep the browser open until the import is complete.

import validated invitees

Add Invitees Individually 

To add an individual to the invite list, select "Add Invitees". add new invitee

A dropdown will appear - choose "Add Invitee" and complete the information in the pop-up.

Invite Multiple Guests from Previous Events

Generate a list of guests to invite to your event based on their activity (bids, purchases, attendance). Click "Add Invites" and choose "Add Invitees from Contacts".

Select "add additional criteria"

add multiple invitees

Choose a criteria

If you wish to populate several criteria, Handbid allows you to choose multiple fields and the auctions that correlate. You can choose multiple criteria by clicking the "+". 

In the example: we chose to add guests that bid in all of our previous events for a total of 94 guests to add to the Invite List.

Edit the Invite List

Once you have added invitees to the Invite List you can edit the list through Filters and Bulk Actions


Filter the Invite List

The Invite List can be filtered by Status, Sponsor and Response.

add new invitee

Status - You can sort by the Status you create - default in Handbid is General and VIP, however, you can add as many "statuses" as you prefer. 

Sponsor - Will sort by the Sponsor

Response - Will wort by Invited, Clicked, User and Registered


Bulk Edit Invitees 

From the Invite List select the invitees you would like to edit, click "Bulk Actions" and select "Edit Invitees". To delete an Invitee, check the box next to their name and choose "Remove Invitees".

Please note: when bulk removing invitees, you will be asked to confirm the action as this cannot be undone. 

bulk edit invitees

You can Assign to a Sponsor, Assign to a Table and Assign a Status 

bulk edit invitees lightbox

Edit Individual Invitees 

To edit an invitee, click their name and edit the fields in the pop up and click "update".

Email and Text Invites

How to Edit and Send an Email Invite

When you have either imported or added a contact to your Handbid invite list you have the ability to send out an invite email to your invitees. Sending an invite through Handbid will help to streamline the registration and communication process for your guests. 

To send email invites, you first need to get to the Invite List in your Auction Settings. To do so, go to the "People" dropdown in the left-hand menu, Guests > Invite List

                                    import invitees

In the Invite List, you can craft and send your own email invite to your guests or donors. First, you will want to create your message. With your message, you can direct or instruct your invitees to your auction. Whether they have yet to purchase tickets and you are directing them to register and purchase tickets. Or they have already purchased tickets outside of Handbid you are directing them to register and view your Handbid auction prior to your event.


In the invite list, you will want to select "Edit Messages". This is how you can edit your invite email.   

invite list toolbar

This will open up a dialogue box where you can add an image and use tokens, such as "first name","event name", "event url", to create your email invitation. 

                                   edit email invite

To send the email, check the boxes next to the names on the invite list or the "select all" box at the top - click the green "Send Invite" button and choose to Invite via Email 

When a user selects the "Get Started" button or the auction URL from the email invite. All of the information you have on the invitee will transfer over to the registration form (e.g. first name, last name, email, phone number). This will make it easy and convenient for your invitees to register.


How to Edit and Send a Text Invite

Sending a text invite is similar to sending an email invite. The major difference is the limited formatting and characters in a text. Follow the same steps, and select "Edit Messages" and "Edit Invitation Text Message". A pop up will appear.

Please note: Texts are limited to 168 characters so use your words wisely! 

edit text invite

When you are ready to send, click the green "Send Invite" box and choose to "Invite via Message".