iPad Rental Information

This article provides information for renting iPads form Handbid for your event.

Rental Overview

Handbid can provide you with iPads to rent for your event. The cost of renting iPads are $60 each per day or $100 each if they include an integrated credit card swiper.  iPads will shipped to the destination of your choice, with arrival times approximately 1-2 days prior to your event. After your event has ended, you must send the iPads back to the return address (provided) on the following business day. If you are interested in renting iPads for your event, please contact your Sales Rep, or email Handbid support at: service@handbid.com.

Important Information

  1. Your iPads should arrive fully charged.  It is important that you double-check to be sure. If they are not at 100%, we recommend charging them before the start of your event. We will NOT include chargers with the iPads so be sure to have some available if you need to recharge any.
  2. On the iPad, go to the Handbid App (this should already be installed), and proceed to the login page.

    NOTE: to log into the iPad App, you will need to your Auction Manager username and password.
  3. Once again, please be sure to review this Knowledge Base article regarding the proper setup of your iPads: Network Setup for iPads/Laptops.
  4. Make sure that your iPad helpers are familiar and comfortable with Handbid. The following video will walk you through, step by step, how to use the iPad app: iPad training video. 
  5. If you intend to access any of the manager functions in the Ipad, be sure to set an iPad manager PIN in your auction settings.  To do that, go to your auction in the web manager, go to the settings and then to the INFO tab.  On the bottom left you will see a manager PIN.  To set the PIN, type in any 5 digit code.  This same code can be then used from the iPads to access the iPad manager functions (Guest List, Live, etc.)
  6. It is also important to note that we want your iPads to remain awake duration of your event. You can ensure this is set up by going to Settings>Auto-Lock> and change the setting to "never." 

Borrowing iPads from Family and Friends?

If you plan to use iPads (outside of those rented from Handbid), it is important that you have the passwords for those iPads, or that you turn the password requirement off altogether. If you get locked out of a borrowed iPad (family, friend, coworker, etc), the volunteer running the iPad must be able to get back in to continue to allow your guests to bid.  Also, please make sure that the Handbid app is downloaded to all borrowed iPads.