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Items Reports: Bid History

While the auction manager shows the bid history on each item, it is often easier at the end of the auction to pull that information from this report. Moreover, you can download this information here in a spreadsheet format, or print it as a PDF. 

You can access this report under Reporting / Items / Bid History

This report allows you to view the bid history by category or by item.  

If you select a category but not an item, you can then generate a PDF report that will show the bid history for each item in that category.

If you select both a category and an item, you can generate a PDF of the item's bid history. However, Handbid will also populate the screen below with that item's bid history detail. This will allow you to download that data visible as a spreadsheet. 

Note, you can only download item level data as a spreadsheet. There is no option to download every item into a single spreadsheet download. 

An example of the report is below: