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Items Reports: Category Performance

You can find this report by selecting Reporting / Items / Category from the left menu in your event manager. 

This report shows a useful breakdown of each category and how it performed.  The key fields to review here are total bids, bids / item and % of FMV generated. This will give you an idea of which types of items were most popular in your silent auction. 

Properly interpreting this report can give you valuable insights into your auction and help you determine how to improve it for following years.  To explain this, lets us an example from a previous Handbid auction (image below)

It may be hard to read, so we have also included the image to this report as a downloadable file. 

In this auction there were 12 categories, with 2 of them being forSale/appeals (Donations and Wine Wall).  We can ignore those 2.  In fact Wine Wall was not even run through Handbid based upon it being all zeroes.

For the rest, we see some interesting results. 

  1. With regard to total bids and bids/item.  Experiences and Entertainment (5.9 bids/item) and Food & Wine (8 bids/item) were clearly the most popular.
  2. As a % of FMV, it is also evident that both of these categories did well. In fact, Food and Wine generated 105% of FMV (which is great for a silent auction).  Similarly, you can see that Family Fun did not perform as well in this area.  
  3. Finally, you can see that Photography and Art did the worst as a % of FMV.  

So what can we conclude from these numbers?

Regarding Photography and Art, very little. It is not surprising that the category did poorly as a % of FMV.  Often times, donors of these items place a high Fair Market Value (FMV) on them making it difficult for them to perform well in silent auctions.  Unless the auction is filled with art targeted at the artist's fans, we don't think you should worry too much about this.

Regarding the rest, it is clear (at least to us), that this crowd was more interested in dining out and travel and less interested in family passes to local museums and the zoo.  We would assume this crowd was older and their children were mostly grown or moved out.  They were in a stage of life where they could afford to travel, dine out, and drink finer wines...  

The reason we bring this up is that it informs all of us about the types of items that will do well with this crowd. In future years, we would recommend less local family items and more wine, food, dining out, travel, and experiences items.  In fact, that is exactly what we recommended here.