Login to Your Organization Account on Handbid

Welcome to Handbid!

If you're new to Handbid, you will receive your auction manager username and password from us when your account is created (you will be notified via email between 24-48 business hours after the contract is signed and submitted).  If you're familiar with Handbid and are having issues logging in with your existing auction manager credentials, select "Reset Password" or contact us!

                    IMPORTANT:  Do not use the Auction Manager in Internet Explorer. 

Follow the steps below to log in:

  1. Visit the Handbid Auction Manager Site 
  2. Enter the email address associated with your Handbid manager account.  
    You will find a one-time password in your welcome email, you can copy and paste it into the password field. 
  3. Click the LOG IN button



FAQ: Can multiple users be logged into the Handbid account manager at the same time?

YES.  Multiple users can log into the Handbid auction manager at the same time while managing your auction.  However, we don't recommend sharing accounts for security purposes. If you want to have more than one manager in your auction, you can promote your staff to manager status in your organization settings.