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Organizational Contacts

This article will overview how to manage guests/contacts from previous events through Handbid!

Handbid allows you to manage a growing list of contacts.  These contacts represent a global list of people who have attended your events, bid in your auctions, made donations, purchased items, etc. 

Every time someone registers as a bidder, Handbid will create a contact record for them. This contact ID will be stored until either you, the Handbid Service Team, or the contact owner (the bidder / donor) removes it. 

The contact list will be useful for you for these reasons:

  1. Contacts represent a global list of people who have interacted with your events. 

  2. Contacts are a great repository from which you can invite past attendees or bidders to participate in your next event.

  3. Contact is the record type that Handbid can sync to your CRM.  We are continuing to add more and more CRMs to our list of live sync, so be sure to ask our Service Team about that ( Otherwise, you can import contacts from your CRM into Handbid or export your Handbid contacts to your CRM using CSV files. 

Please note that a contact MUST have an email address so that we can identify the person and track their activities across all of your events.  We connect this contact record to a Handbid user account for that specific purpose. 

Also, if you are looking for a place to upload names to speed up event registration, this is likely not the place to do it.  It would be better to import those names into your invite list or guest list. Both of those lists will accept missing emails or incomplete information.