Managing the Invoices Tab & Processing Payments

The Invoices Tab:

After closing your auction, attention needs to shift from managing your auction, to managing invoices. In Handbid, this is done through the "Invoices" tab on the left side of your Auction Manager. Whether you used our credit card system, required a credit card, or are using external methods to accept payment, you'll want to utilize this function as you ensure invoices are paid, and guests receive items they've won/purchased. 

Using the Handbid Credit Card System: 

If you've elected to use the Handbid Credit Card processor, as is typically recommended, you'll be focusing on the left side of the invoice payment screen. Let's walk through this briefly...

Once your auction is closed, invoices will be generated and anyone that has won or purchased items will show up in your invoices list. You can either view "ALL" or, shift your focus where it needs to be, on those "UNPAID" invoices (see below)


Next, click on the name of a person with an unpaid invoice to process payment. You'll be able to run a card if a guest has one on file, add a card if they don't yet have a card on file, as well as denote whether someone paid in another way(i.e.- cash or check). Depending on the size of the auction you may want to search all invoices using the bidder number it is a quick and efficient way to determine what is paid, what is owed, or what items the bidder will receive.

NOTE: If you are running cards through the Handbid system, you will place the amount due on the LEFT SIDE of the payment screen, the right side labeled "External Card" is only if you have elected to not use our system, and are using something like Square or Paypal. 

After selecting the "pay now" button, you'll have a couple of options to collect payment. Again, the left side of the screen is the Handbid credit card process, while all of the tabs on the right side of the screen are only used if collecting payment EXTERNAL to the Handbid system. NOTE: Clicking in a box will auto-fill the amount to equal the balance due. To get the "Process" button on the bottom right of the screen to turn green, you must click your mouse in white space on the page (see below)

If using an external credit card processor, or accepting payment by cash or check, you will click in the corresponding box on the RIGHT SIDE of the payment screen, click out of the box, and then select the green "Process" button. Once payment is submitted successfully, the invoice will be marked as "paid in full" and a receipt will be emailed to the address provided when the bidder account was created. 

As a final tip: we recommend having 1-2 people working your checkout line, in addition to people at laptops, as these people can show guests how to pay on their phones, and/or process payment via iPad. The goal here is a speedy checkout, which will ultimately leave a great impression with your guests. 

 Having a segmented check out may be beneficial to you as well. This would look like one check-out table processing payment and running items. Maybe the table next to them is handling invoices that are "Paid In Full" via the phone. So they are verifying the invoices are "Paid In Full" on the app. This not only entices the bidders to use the mobile app, in order to have the streamline check-out but also pay and verify there invoice prior to check-out