Mobile App Sponsor Page & Adding Sponsor Image

This article provides steps and FAQ's for adding a sponsor image to the Handbid Mobile App' Sponsor's page.

You have the opportunity to highlight a sponsor in the app on their own special splash page. A "splash" page is content a user will see before they get to the main website. This sponsor splash page can be set up through your auction settings via the SPONSORS tab, for your mobile app interface. 


How to Add Sponsor Logo

To add the sponsor logo, go to:

  1. Auction settings in the auction manager. 
  2. Click on the SPONSORS tab to add your mobile splash image.  
  3. Once it is added, click UPDATE and then you can re-enter your auction to see how it looks. 


FAQ: Mobile Sponsor Image

  1. Can I put more than one sponsor in there?

    You can only have 1 image appear here. If you have more than one sponsor, you could combine their logos into a single image, but you can not rotate through them.  The reason is that we are trying to maximize the impressions that your sponsor will receive. If you rotate through images, you will dilute their impression count.  

  2. What can I tell sponsors about the benefit they will receive?

    Contrary to many other mobile ads, this ad impression will get viewed and acknowledged by the target audience. Every bidder must view this image when they enter the auction and they can not get past this screen without hitting the "let's get bidding" button.  

    In addition, your sponsor will be advertising to a more affluent (than average) population who will appreciate the fact that this sponsor is supporting your cause. Attached is a document you can view and share with your potential mobile sponsors. 
    1. Handbid-Ad-Oppty.pdf(600 KB)