Processing Payments

How can people pay for items at the end of an auction?

Handbid supports a variety of payment options for bidders at the end of an auction. Bidders can pay by Credit Card through Handbid, Credit Card through a 3rd party, Cash/Check or Credits. In addition, the bidder can pay using any combination of the above.

It is important to note that Handbid will never automatically charge credit cards at the end of an auction.  The bidder needs to tap 'make a payment' at the bottom of the invoice on their mobile device or the Auction Manager can process in the back end. These are screenshots for paying via the back end.  

First, navigate to the "invoices section" in the back end.  You can sort by paid/unpaid or all.  Click on the invoice you want to pay and this window will pop up:

Click 'pay now' to get to the payment processing screen. 

Credit Card Payments through Handbid

Handbid supports integrated credit card payments and will process payments for you. To enable, this, you must select this option in your auction settings on the Financial Tab and agree to additional terms related to our credit card processing system. Additional fees apply and those are reflected in the Terms and also in your Auction Services agreement.

If a bidder has a card on file it will be populated in their profile and also indicated on the Invoice/Receipts window. If they do not have a card on file, this indicator not show a card and has an option to add one by selecting the +card) link next to "Cards on File".  

To enter a card through Handbid, just hit the “Blue” plus icon next to this text and complete the form. This will store a card for the bidder and you can then use this to process their payment.

If you are using card readers this information will be uploaded at the swipe of the card. Make sure you have the same card window you see below up before you swipe the card. However, you will have to enter the CVC code which is the three numbers on the back or four on the front of an American Express card. (note: some cards may need to be swiped a couple of times for the card reader to correctly gather the information)


Credit Card Payments via a Third Party/External Credit Card

An auction host can process credit card payments through a 3rd party such as their own Organization's credit card system, or other systems such as PayPal or Square. To do this, use that 3rd party’s interface to process the payment and then enter the amount paid in the “Other Payment Methods: External Card” field on the payment window. Handbid does not directly interface with any third-party system, so entering a value here is simply letting Handbid know that the payment was processed elsewhere.  This is for your record-keeping purposes only.



Collect Cash or Check for Payment

An auction host can collect cash or check for payment and can indicate that in these fields on the payment system in the same area "Other Payment Methods".  Be sure to click in the box of the payment type - click out - click the green process button.  This will count it as a paid invoice and your bidder will receive an email of their receipt. 


Payments using Credits

Some auctions offer credits or coupons to offset the amount owed on the auction (i.e., drawings, prizes, bonuses). If a bidder uses credits to reduce their fee, you can enter those credits in the “Credited Amount” or "Discount Amount" fields of the screen.

When all payment methods have been completed, the payment dialog will indicate the amount remaining to be paid. If this is $0, then the bidder has paid in full. Click the “PROCESS" button to complete the payment. If payment was issued using the Handbid credit card system, this would initiate the payment transaction on their credit card.