Release Notes: 2.13 (6/13/2018) Bulk Edit/Display Sheets

New Bulk editing items feature.

  • Mass editing of Auction Items / Update multiple items at once.
    • Edit the category of an item.
    • Edit the status of an item.
    • Edit the starting bid of an item.
    • Fire sale an item. Which allows you to set the starting bid as the "Buy it Now Price".
    • Hide or UnHide an item.
    • Mark and Unmark an item "Featured". Here is an article on "Featured" items.
    • Show or Hide the Fair Market Value of an item.
    • Delete auction Items.

New Handbid Display Sheets.

  • Customizable Display Sheets.
    • Choose between 3 different Display sheet templates 8/10, 5/7 or the new 1/2 page folded display sheets.
    • Choose whether you want to use the Auction image or the Item image.
    • Generate Display sheets by category, Live or Silent auction type, or all items.


Other new Features and Fixes.

  • QR code URL's now working outside or the auction app. QR codes will take you to the item you scanned on the auction website.
  • Linking a user account gives you the option to select a phone number rather than overriding the user's phone number. (Guest List Check-in Dialogue)
  • Using Google address when entering a contact's address.
  • Fixed payments and receipts to show more accurate data.
  • Added two additional fields to the purchase export. (Fair Market Value, Cellphone and Address)
  • Added a time and date stamp to the "Purchases" tab.
  • Fixed filters in the contact list to properly show all contacts.
  • Editing the source code in the Event Description removed the text.
  • Page breaks between receipts when printing all receipts.
  • Removing the Red Donation button when Appeals/Donations do not exist or are not in a category.
  • Fixed the "Name" field for adding a credit card to the event's website.
  • Updated how items are sorted.
  • Removed the Header from the invite email.
  • Basic styles available in Event Description. WYSIWYG editor must show up on Events site.
  • Removed NULL NULL from the Google address on the Event map.

Knowledge Base Articles around these new features