Silent Auction

How to Remove a Bid from an Item

This article will provide steps for removing a bid from an item.

Bidders cannot remove their own bids. In fact, in the Handbid Terms of Service bidders are obligated legally to the bid that they place.  However, we know that mistakes can happen with either party (bidder or auction manager).  In that case, a bid can be removed if the auction manager is willing.

Only auction managers can remove a bid, and we recommend using caution when doing this -- why?  Because if there are multiple bids on an item, Handbid will then make the next highest bid the winning bid.  The guest who had been outbid and is now winning the item again may have moved on and not want it. If there is only one bid on an item, clearly this is easier to handle! 

Here is how to remove a bid in the auction manager:

    1. Navigate to the Bids tab on the item editor in the auction manager (find the item in the list and click on it to get to the item editor)

    2. Find the bid you want to remove and click on the trashcan icon next to it on the bids tab. 


    3. Confirm the removal of the bid by clicking "Remove"


    4. Confirm in the Bid list that the bid has been removed and the next highest bidder is declared the winning bid (not winner, but winning bid ... if the auction is still open