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Resize Photos Using Powerpoint

Don't have access to an image resizing program? No problem, we can teach you how to use PowerPoint to do that.

There are many images resizing programs and image resizing sites on the internet. Not all are free or easy to use. Others are only compatible with certain types of computers, for instance, we have a great video on how to resize images for Handbid, but it requires using a Mac and a program called ReSize Sense which is not available on Windows. 


With that said, there is a rather easy way to get images resized to fit in Handbid using Microsoft PowerPoint, a program that many people have on their computers.   


So how does PowerPoint do this?  If you set PowerPoint's default slide size to 4:3, you can create a canvas that is the exact image dimension required for Handbid. Once you set the size, all you need to do is drop in a photo for each item (each on a different slide) and export them to images to import to Handbid.

Watch our Tutorial: