Sample Auction Check-in Script

This article provides a helpful script to use as a template for teaching your volunteers how to greet and gather information from your guests to input into Handbid for your event!

Here is a script to help you streamline check-in. Use this script if you do not have a separate "tech help" station that is focused on helping guests download the app. 


Initial Greeting

Event Volunteer: “Hi! I am going to get you set up for our auction.
We are using an electronic bidding system that will allow you to bid
using your own smartphone (iPhone or Android). If you don’t, we have
iPads around the venue that you can use to bid.
Do you have an iPhone or Android phone that you want to use?”

If the attendee answers YES

Event Volunteer: “Great, I can help you get that setup. What I need
to do is get some information from you. (get Name, Email, Cell Phone
number of the device they intend to use)”

*Create Bidder Account and Check-in*

“I just created your account and you are going to get a text message
from Handbid with a link to download the Handbid app and log you
into the auction. CLICK THE LINK and it will take you to the AppStore or

PlayStore to download the Handbid app. Once the app is downloaded, open the
app and you will automatically be logged into the auction.”


If the attendee answers NO

or if they don’t want to use the smartphone


Event Volunteer: “No problem, you can use the iPads to bid. They
are easy to use, but if you have questions, we have volunteers who
can assist you throughout the evening.”

*Create bidder account and write down paddle number*

“You will need the three-digit PADDLE NUMBER to bid. When you find
an item on the iPad and you hit bid, it will ask you to enter your paddle
ID. This will identify you as the bidder.”