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Ticketing & Registration Reports: Guest List

You can access the guest list report by going to "Reporting" from the main event dashboard and then selecting "Ticketing and Registration".

The Guest List report will show you a list of all guests with the following fields:

  • Checked In - A Yes (Y) or No (N) status on whether this guest has been checked in

  • Bidder - A Yes (Y) or No (N) status on whether this guest has registered as a bidder.  If this is a "Y" then you will also see a "Green" paddle ID next to their name to reflect their bidder paddle number. 

  • Last Name, First Name, Email, Phone, Address - contact information on this guest.  Only Last and First name are required in the Handbid guest list.  Address is located farther back in the table. 
  • Status - this is related to ticket status.  Each ticket can have a set status placed on it. This will appear here.  

  • Ticket - the ticket purchased for this guest.  

  • Sponsor - The name of the sponsor or ticket purchaser.  By default the purchaser of the ticket is the sponsor but this can be changed for any guest or collection of guests. 
  • Level - Handbid sets this level.  The guest is either a sponsor (purchased a ticket) or a guest (invited by someone who purchased a ticket).
  • Company - this is the company attached to this guest (this can be edited by the manager)