Types of Items: Auction Item, Ticket, For Sale, Appeal

Deciding on your items for the auction is important. Too many items, not enough items, last-minute items, pricing items...  many decisions need to be made. Since your items are the key component of your silent auction, it is important to make a good decision about the items in your auction.  A few questions only you or your committee can answer:

  1. Who are you selling to?
  2. If your auction is an annual event, what did well or poorly last year?
  3. The type of event you are planning and how many items will the venue hold?
  4. Number of items - try not to overwhelm your guests with too many choices, thereby creating more supply than demand.  Remember even if you have 300 people - couples are typically bidding as a unit.
  5. How unique is the item? Experiences are great sellers. The rare items often do well... for example, the front row seat at a kid's graduation is often a hot seller!

As you plan your items and auction, it is helpful to stay organized. It is important to know what items are available for bidding or purchase so you can plan effectively.

AUCTION ITEMS - There are two types of auction items: silent and live.

Silent Auction Items - These items will have a starting bid amount, bid increment, and usually a fair market value. These items can only have ONE winner.

For detailed instructions: Adding a Silent Auction Item 

  • Live Auction Items - This is an item that you want bidders to be able to view and look at, however they will not be able to place a bid on it using the Handbid system.  These items are typically sold in the room with the assistance of an emcee or Live Auctioneer.  

For detailed instructions: Adding a Live Auction Item

FOR SALE ITEMS - For sale items are anything you are going to sell for a set price.  Handbid has several different types of For Sale items. 

  • For Sale (Unlimited Quantity) - These are items that you are selling for a set price and will sell as many of these items as you can. For example a raffle ticket. 
  • For Sale (Limited Quantity) - These are items with a set price that have a limited quantity and are for sale at your event. For example t-shirts of jars of honey, wine wall, etc.
  • Appeal - This is a direct donation item that can be sold using a paddle raise during your event or by bidders purchasing it on their mobile device.  
  • Shipping Fees - You can add a set price for shipping items to bidders who win something but are not at your event.  It is good practice to let people know in the description or fine print that if they are not present a shipping fee will apply. 

For detailed instructions: Adding a "For Sale" Item

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