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Why Aren't My Tickets Showing Up?

If your tickets are not showing up in the web or in the apps, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

1.  Ticket Sales are not Enabled

Did you select "Enable Ticket Sales" in the auction settings?  This checkbox will allow you to show and hide your tickets easily; However, you must  check-off this box in order for your tickets to appear.

2. Make sure that your auction is not in a Setup status.

When your auction is in a Setup status it cannot be seen on the app or the website. When you want to start selling tickets you will need to make sure that your auction is either in a Presale, Preview, or Open status. If the auction is in a preview or presale status you will need to make sure that the ticket items are marked "Sell at Presale". For more information on changing your status, you can reference this article - Changing my auction status.

Sell at presale

3.  Your Ticket Sale Dates are off

Are your ticket Sale Start and Sell Until dates accurate and valid?  The only tickets that will show up are those that fall between the Sales Start and Sell Until dates listed.  If the Sell Until date is in the past, the tickets will no longer appear.  If the Sales Start date is in the future, the tickets will not appear until that date, despite the status of your site (Preview, Open, etc).

4.  Your Ticket is Hidden

Make sure your ticket(s) are not HIDDEN.  You can check this setting by going to the Ticket Item Detail page under the "Info Tab".  Look for a checkbox that says "Hide Item" and make sure it's not checked, if you want the ticket to appear online.