About Auction Statistics

During your auction, you can view your auction statistics on the auction dashboard.  The stats will show:

  • Total Revenue
  • Live Auction Revenue
  • Silent Auction Revenue
  • Purchase Revenue, and
  • Direct Donations  (NOTE: For Sale items must be marked as "APPEAL" to show up as a direct donation in your auction).  

If you entered auction goals, you will notice your auction statistics graph shows you where you are in your goal.  Remember if you are setting goals, you should make sure they are realistically achievable, yet challenging. They should be reasonably based on the auction items you have and the bidders attending your event.  If your starting bid price totals $5,000 and your Fair Market Value is $10,000 a goal of $20,000 is most likely not reasonable. At the same time, a goal of $4,000 will easily be hit. If this is the case and you are broadcasting your goals to your audience (see below) your bidders may not be motivated to keep bidding.  


If you prefer, you can project your auction stats to your audience on a large dedicated screen through the use of Handbid TV.  Here is an article on how Handbid TV works.