Handbid TV- Your Live Scoreboard (Instructions & Video )

Video: Handbid TV

Want to show live stats to your guests?  You can do that with Handbid TV! 

Handbid TV allows you to show real-time updates to your guests.  It displays in a tab in your web browser which you can put in display to your audience using a large monitor hookup or a projection system. 

Handbid TV comes configured out of the box, so there is nothing you need to setup.  However, you will may need to get a Chrome plugin such as "Tab Slide Show" (mentioned in the video and below). To get going with Handbid TV, you just need to open up the tab from the auction manager:


Handbid TV will open up to the Dashboard slide. This shows ALL of your auction statistics.  You may or may not want to share this information with guests. If not, you can simply click over to another report using the menu at the top right:



If you want to adjust the resolution of the slides, just use the options on the top left of the screen!



There are ways to setup an presentation by selecting a number of different Handbid TV slides and putting them in different tabs.  Chrome has plugins that allow you to take multiple tabs and put them into a presentation. We use one here at Handbid called "Tab Slideshow"

Feel free to play around with Handbid TV for your auction and show the slides that work best.