Appeals (Donations)

Create an Appeal Item (Direct Donation)

How to create an appeal item in Handbid. Appeal items represent your direct donation amounts in your auction/event.

In the Handbid system, donation items are APPEAL items.  

To create appeal items, follow the steps below: 

  1. In the Auction Dashboard, from the shortcut menu, click "Items," select  "Create New Item" and select "Appeal."
  2. In the item settings window, enter in:
    1. Item Name: For instance, "$100 Donation"
    2. Item Cost: Again, that would be $100, or the amount of the level you're creating.
    3. Category: You will either create an Appeal/Donation type category or add it to an existing Appeal/Donation type category. Items must be in a category in order for them to be visible on the site. 
    4. Add an Image.

3. Click the green CREATE button to finish.

If you add appeal items after your auction is open, you will need to return to the items and change them from pending to open for them to be viewable.