Paddle Raise

Fund a Need/Appeal/Paddle Raise

Learn how to conduct a Fund a Need/Appeal/Paddle Raise through the traditional method of raising a paddle or online via the app or browser.

Create Appeal Items

To create appeal items, follow the steps below or view this video

  1. In the Auction Dashboard, from the shortcut menu, click "Items," select  "Create New Item," and select "Appeal."
  2. In the item settings window, enter:
    1. Item Name: For instance, "$100 Donation"
    2. Item Cost: Again, that would be $100, or the amount of the level you're creating.
    3. Category: You will either create an Appeal/Donation type category or add it to an existing Appeal/Donation type category. Items must be in a category in order for them to be visible on the site. 
    4. Add an Image.

3. Click the green CREATE button to finish.

If you add appeal items after your auction is open, you will need to return to the item and change it from pending to open for them to be viewable.

Conduct a Traditional "in-room" Paddle Raise.

A traditional paddle raise is done at a live event where guests have paddles and raise them for different donation amounts. Spotters will scribe the various amounts to be entered into Handbid using the Mass Appeal Tool. Click here to view an example appeal recording sheet.

Use the Mass Appeal Tool to Enter a Paddle Raise from a Desktop

  1. Select the "Donate" icon on the Handbid Manager Tool Box menu and select "Enter Mass Appeal Donations".
  2. On the right-hand side of the menu, select the dollar level you wish to add the bidder number to.
  3. Use the top dropdown search bar to search and select the bidder's name or paddle number.
  4. Once the bidder is selected, the paddle number will populate the box below. 
  5. All the bidders selected for the specific donation level will appear on the left-hand side of the window; bidders with a credit card on file will appear green, and bidders without a credit card on file will appear red. Duplicate entries will be marked in blue. 
  6. Before selecting the "Complete" button, remember to check your work to ensure your paddle numbers match the donation amount. You can always change the dollar amount prior to selecting the "Complete" button.
  7. If you need to remove a bid, scroll to the bidder number and select the X to remove it.
  8. After you have entered all the paddles numbers that correlate with a donation level, select the complete button, move on to the next level, and follow the same steps. 

Conduct an Online Appeal

Use Handbid to manage your appeal and have your donors contribute via the Handbid app or mobile browser. You can display a live thermometer of the incoming donations on a screen at your event through Handbid TV.

To learn more about our Real-Time Leaderboard and Thermometers, view this article on Handbid TV. 

  1. Create appeal items for each donation level that will be part of the appeal. 
  2. Put all of these levels in a category that can be easily found in your auction (e.g., Paddle Raise, Donations, Support the Families, etc.)
  3. Direct your guests to this category when they are ready to make a donation. 
  4. Have Handbid TV up and running on a projector if you want to show live donations coming in.  When your guests donate, your thermometer will populate, and the donor's name will appear. 
  5. The donation will be added to the guest's invoice to be paid at the close of the event. 

Your guests must be registered users with a paddle number in order to purchase appeal items in the app or mobile browser.