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The Handbid Service Desk is here to assist you in 6 ways:

  1. Handbid's Knowledge BaseHere is the link. We recommend that you watch this video to get started. Treat our Knowledge Base this like "Google for Handbid". For example, if you want to learn more about adding an item, in the search bar, type "add item". If you run into any issues regarding your search, there are other ways to get answers. 
  2. Chat: Chat is a new feature that we rolled out at the beginning of the year and it is wildly popular with our clients.  You will notice a Chat Widget in the bottom right of the manager page. Tap it open and ask a question -- it is LIVE 8am-5pm M-F Mountain Time. Your question may have a related article from the Knowledge Base provided. Look at the suggested articles and see if will answer your question, you may get an answer! 
  3. Email: You can email our Service Team at service@handbid.com to ask a more lengthy question. A response will be returned to you within 24 hrs.
  4. Bi-weekly webinars: These are super helpful and totally free. Here is a link to all of our webinars, past, present, and future! 
  5. Phone call: If you really get in a bind, you can write to service@handbid.com and request a phone call. Include the name of your organization, event name, and a description of your question or issue. Also, please offer some days/times in which you are available. They will set up a 15-minute conference call/ screen share with you if possible.
  6. Handbid Hotline: On the night that your event closes, you will have a number to call -- so that you can reach a person -- to ask a question. This number will be issued to you at a couple of days before your event. Click here for more details about the Hotline.

The support desk hours are as follows: Monday - Friday 8 am MST - 5 pm MST 

For inquiries outside of these hours please allow for 1-2 business days for a response. If it is an urgent request during your event, please call the Handbid Hotline number provided to you.